About The tutu Club 

The Tutu Club classesAt The tutu Club the activities have been designed, developed and written for pre-school girls and boys to give them the inspiration to embrace their incredible imaginations and fuel their ever exploratory minds through music & dance.

The tutu club offers something a little different. We take our members on a fantastic  journey through movement, encouraging interaction, co-ordination and balance whilst embracing different classic dance disciplines.

Now with over 360 members our classes run throughout the week and weekend across Hampshire.

The tutu Club is ofsted recognised and we run our syllabus alongside the The Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 goals for Hampshire.

The tutu Club is also a “Recognised School” with the Council for Dance Education and Training and has been awarded the Council’s certificate of good professional practice.

Schools awarded CDET’s “Recognised School Award” demonstrate to students, parents and guardians that they adhere to the standards demanded by the industry; standards designed to protect and safeguard young people dancing.

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