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Here you can get all the The tutu club info – a kids club dreamt up by a Mum for Mums and Dads to bring their little ones to, to experience 35 minutes of magical fun (30 mins for teeny classes)…!

The tutu club’s academic programme has been completely designed, developed and written for pre-school girls and boys and gives them the inspiration to embrace their incredible imaginations and fuel their ever exploratory minds through music & dance.

This will encourage them to express themselves creatively at the same time as having lots of fun in a safe and caring environment.

The classes take them on a journey through movement, encouraging interaction, co-ordination and balance whilst embracing different classic dance disciplines.

The sessions focus on teaching them the values of healthy exercise and the importance of creativity. The structured and very fun classes will also strive to increase confidence and send them home feeling positive and sporting a huge smile!

Whether your little one is a scrumptious cupcake or a cheeky cowboy our classes will suit either. From fairies to soldiers and Princes to Princesses our mission at the tutu club is to enchant, excite, inspire and provide the opportunity to exercise those tireless minds and bodies through a fresh approach to adventure…

The class begins with a short warm-up, which will take the child through different body parts and how to co-ordinate them. The rest of the class is then packed with all kinds of songs and dances, from being lions in the Lion King to Cinderella in her castle & Peter Pan in never neverland! We leave the ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and ‘Wheels on the bus ’ to the others and use all the current favorite characters and Disney tunes, as well as a mix of some old classics!

Our extensive training across all dance genres and extremely keen eye for technique will put your mind at rest that your little ones will be in the best hands. While the main aim is fun and lots of smiles, our attention to exercise based, physical well being, correct posture and safety is always at the forefront of our minds.

Some aspects of the class will be repeated week on week to give the children a structure and something to take home and practice, this also extends the value of our club giving them extra learning and time away from the class to develop their own ideas…

We endeavour to create a magical experience that ticks all the boxes of social interaction outside of the usual environment your child may find themselves in. Our biggest ambition here is to develop an atmosphere of belonging and being part of something special – The tutu club!

Here at the tutu club we insist on promoting good manners, appropriate behaviour, self discipline and respect for oneself and others. We in no means intend to be parental but offer adult guidance incorporating all the attributes on which I have thrived through my training as a professional dancer.

We truly believe that The tutu Club is a fresh and unique class. It is not your average ballet, dance or toddler class. It promises to provide a valuable and educational service by combining dance  & movement for both parent and child.

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