Dance and drama workshops 

We have been running workshops now for 10 years and each one feels like our favourite!

And a Zombie full day workshops for the 7-12 year olds, they made their own costumes, helped each other with their make up and dressed the set. They set the lighting and practised hard….pretty awesome small people!


Fairytales came true in Bartley, such a fun day of dancing and fun with our Belles & Beasts.



“It’s 1962, and change is in the air in Baltimore…”

Each time we are amazed at the children just that little bit more.

 The workshop days are jam packed day with guest teachers, singing, dancing, acting, crafts, games, face painting, costumes, goody bags and a mini show for all the parents at the end!


We turned Bartley hall into the Frozen Kingdom of Arendelle, the children were amazing as always and we had so much fun!

“Isobel had a brilliant time and has been serenading us ever since we got home! Now we are listening to the CD… Thank you for today, and indeed for the past 4 years of prancing and twirling at Tutu Club. I’m sure that being used to a taught environment since she was 2 helped her to make a good start at school, and she loves dancing of course! She will be starting at a new class in September, but we’ll miss (and always remember) our Saturday trips to Bartley. Please do keep in touch and let us know about your future workshops: she’d love to come again”

Thank you so much Katie x the hall looked amazing and Bobbi had a wonderful time x

Thank you for making Jessica such a happy girlie today!! We had to sing frozen songs as lullabies before bedtime!
Katie, Lilly had the best time!!! Thankyou for a great morning and for the fantastic gifts in their goody bags!! Lilly hasn’t stopped singing 🙂 We are moving house tomorrow so a morning like this was just what Lilly needed, the photos are fab! Hopefully Faye can do one next year
Abi had a fab time, thank you. She hasn’t stopped talking about it and the CD is now on loop in the car!
Thank you to Katie and the team for the Frozen workshop, Imogen had the best time and the cd is on loop in the car and I’m sure will be worn out soon!!

During last years Easter holidays and again in the May half term, we transformed Bartley Village Hall into Fat Sam’s Grand slam…

The children arrived at 8.30am and were whisked off to New York in the 1920’s…they had a full schedule of  Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Signing and Drama coaching, along with set and costume designing, and they were utterly brilliant!

All the parents arrived around 3.30pm to see the final pie fight and all the children left smiling with their goody bags!

A big thank you for giving Laura such a lovely day – she’s still singing and dancing and performing in her feather boa….What a great way to spend the day – doing what she loves best! The ‘goody bag’ is just the icing on a ‘very big cake’….. look forward to hearing about any other workshops you might have in the future.

Thank you for today..Maya loved it! She’s been listening to the cd on repeat and dancing. And was watching Bugsy on you tube before bed!…Please do let us know about summer workshops!

Just wanted to thank you for putting on such an amazing day on Thursday,  Ava had a great day… She loved it… She hasn’t stopped singing & acting out the songs since…

Georgia had a fab time and is now desperate to start doing a musical theatre type class!

Thanks Katie, Megan and Ané had a great time – I’ll keep my eyes open for your next one!

Thank you Katie, Emily had a wonderful day and has been singing and dancing to the CD which has been on constantly. As we speak they are sorting out the,musical instruments (which haven’t been touched for months) for ones which go with the music! Toby
now does a very cute rendition of ‘my name is Talullah’!

Thanks  for the goodies they received-Sophia is enjoying teaching her sister to dance to the music..

Thankyou for your energy enthusiasm and passion…
My three had a wonderdul day with you and undoubtedly gave me some special memories yesterday watching them at the end!.. I wonder how many little stars you have made!

Thankyou for sharing your gift. For me the most important aspect of the day is to have fun and build their confidence which was clearly demonstrated in all of
your class yesterday!

Thanks for everything yesterday Katie… Sophia says she had a wonderful time, she was so worn out she fell asleep on the way home!

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