COVID 19 Procedures 

The tutu Club has worked to ensure that the required government guidelines are in place to help you, and our teachers stay safe and COVID-secure. We do however need your support in this effort when you attend your class.

We have created these guidelines to inform you on how we can work together to do this. It is vital that each and every one of us follow the practices set out in order to protect ourselves and others.

Staying safe is very much a joint effort and we know you will help us with this.

There will be some new ways of working and changes to our normal procedures, practices and routines which will require us all to adapt. These changes are outlined below and are based on government guidance and explained in our risk assessment for the activity. It is therefore vital that this information is read carefully before you attend class. If you have any questions please contact us in advance of the term start date at

Together, we aim to create the best possible COVID-secure environment for us all so that we continue to enjoy our dancing..

Our staff have all been briefed well and will have to enforce the rules to keep us all safe – please keep in mind we are not COVID experts so working together will help us too.

Before attending class :

  •  Please ensure you are well and it is safe for you to attend class by the latest government guidance:
  •  Do not leave home and do not attend class if you or anyone you live with has coronavirus or any of the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste
  •  Check with the NHS if you have symptoms: covid-19/symptoms/

Before traveling to class

  •  Changing facilities will not be available – members should come dressed for class and ready for their activity, wearing the required dance/activity clothing underneath any additional clothing required to travel in to stay warm.
  •  Always wear clean, freshly washed uniform to class to avoid cross contamination from other activities or places where clothes may have been worn previously. Ballet shoes or soft shoes/ grip socks must be worn as currently we can not allow Bare feet.
  •  Masks must be worn in our venues by children 11 years and older.

On arrival at your class

  • Class times and arrival will be staggered and members have been provided with a class start time- please only arrive 5 minutes before this and all waiting will have to be in you vehicles or outside the halls socially distanced as communal areas are not open.
  •  Members need to arrive promptly, if late they may have to wait whilst a class  is looked after before a member of staff can assist them.
  •  Only one person must accompany the members into class. Some of our halls are at capacity within their guidelines so we regret that siblings can not come into class at the moment.
  • On arrival members and parents/guardian will be asked to queue following social distancing measures, standing 2m apart
  •  Staff will be available to speak to members and parent/guardian at the start and end of class and issue hand gel.

In class

  •  On arrival your teacher will issue hand sanitiser to cleanse hands before entering one by one.
  •  Spots will be set out with social distancing guidance in place, members will need to stay on spots where possible. (we do understand how little our members are and this may not always go to plan!)
  •  Class numbers have been restricted to fall in line with government guidance, and all our halls have different criteria.
  •  Hall ventilation will be carefully monitored by our team.
  •  Viewing is 1 person per child and masks must be worn during the sessions. Masks will be available to purchase in the halls at £1.00 each. We can not permit entry with out a mask as this goes against our hall agreements (unless exempt)
  •  No shared props will be available – please bring your own or little wands will be available to purchase in the halls at £1.00 each.

Going to the toilet

  •  Members where possible go to the toilet in their own home prior to travelling to class to help limit the use of the facilities within the building.
  •  If required to use the toilet within the building, please be as quick as possible so that others do not wait too long and areas congested.
  •  Following use of the toilet facilities please wash hands using soap and water provided continually for 20 seconds and follow signage advising on good hand washing technique – and wipe the surfaces with the anti bac wipe provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I / my child be safe at The tutu Club from COVID-19?

We will do everything we can to ensure that The tutu Club is a safe environment for all members and staff at all times. However, no organisation can guarantee that students, staff and teachers will be 100% safe from the virus at all times. What we can guarantee is that we are adhering to all government guidance and we ask you to join us in keeping our setting as safe as possible by following the procedures we have put in place.

Is more regular cleaning taking place within the venues?

Yes, all our venues  cleaning processes will be increased with frequent cleaning taking place across all areas and frequency will be based on use and rotation of staff and visiting groups in line with government guidance.  We will be keeping strictly to class times in order to clean between sessions.

Can my child wear a face mask?

Children under 11 do not need to wear masks, but if you would like your children to then of course they can.

What PPE will my tutu Teachers be wearing?

When the teachers greet you at the door they will be wearing a face mask, when teaching they will have a clear face shield on.

These new procedures have not been instigated by The tutu Club, we are simply following guidelines and hall terms and conditions in order to be able to re open safely.

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